Steve is a fully qualified personal trainer in Porthcawl, who will help you achieve your goals.

Hi I’m Steve a fully qualified Personal trainer from Porthcawl,



What I can do for you? There are many advantages to having a personal trainer and a few of these I will share with you, to help give you an insight to what you can achieve and gain with my help. Whatever you goal is whether it be to lose weight or gain muscle I have a workout for you! First and foremost at the top of the list to help create a healthy life style, it’s all well and good hitting the gym and dieting for that 6-8 week period but it’s in the wake of all that hard work people fall down as they go back to old habits.

This is where I can help coach and prepare you for a sustainable healthy life balance as I don’t believe a fad diets and use health sustainable meal plans. Once this change has been accepted everything else falls into place like a jigsaw, the weight loss/muscle gain all depending on your goal and also the feel good that you gain from your achievement.

Also you have the other part which is the training! Having a mentor along the way can really help as I can personalise your workouts to your goals, while making your workouts as effective as possible by making sure correct technique is applied to each exercise. There is also the motivation factor I will be there to push you along the way but also keep in touch with you in-between each session that we do.

So if you’re ready for a lifestyle change I would love to hear from you!


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